What Happened to Great Britain?

What happened to Great Britain?

I happened to catch a few minutes of a Jeremy Kyle episode and watched in stunned horror as an obese, foul mouthed monster ranted at the unfairness of being “humiliated” on national tv having had unprotected sex with several men and not knowing who the father of her children were.

I realised that this was the next generation of “Great Britains”!! The constant stream of unemployed, drug taking, liars, thieves, promiscuous slobs that sit around bemoaning the state of their lives and the unreasonable expectation that they should stop blaming society and make an effort to take control of their lives.

But is society at fault?

I think yes it must be, we now live in a world full of blame, you only have to watch the tv for a short period of time to see a whole raft of “100% compensation” injury solicitors. We are encouraged to sue our employers, local council, the man next door just to get a few extra quid regardless of the expense to our neighbours, those who are trying to build up a business or indeed our own common sense and decency.

We have taken away parent’s rights to punish their children (no I don’t advocate violence but a slap on the leg does not scream child abuse), we have created a world in which children are not taught right from wrong, have no expectations to do well at school, have removed the teacher’s ability to have a disciplined classroom and wonder why so many children are uneducated and do not understand nor care about the fundamental values of humanity!

Thou Shalt Not..

I’m not coming over all religious here and my own views on Christianity are not for this blog, but the commandments are a pretty good set of rules for any society including todays!
Again because of our fear of offending we no longer teach these rules and as a result our children have less and less boundaries to push and less of an understanding of how to be a decent human being.

Ok so 4 of the commandments might not be all that applicable but the mains ones stand out:-

Honour your father and mother.
Do not murder.
Keep your marriage promises.
Do not steal.
Do not lie.
Do not covet.

Why aren’t these as important today as they were 30, 50, 75, 100.. years ago?

Whilst I agree that school should be for every level of ability the focus is on those who can’t, vocational courses seem to have taken preference over standard qualifications and exams, “lets make it easier” appears to be the motto and of course lets not forget that should your child struggle or simply have no understanding of right and wrong you can always stick a label on him/her ADHD being the favourite and demand even more help!

Our children live in a drug culture but is it really any surprise when instead of being disciplined for bad behaviour they’re given mind controlling drugs?

What incentive is there for a child to do well? A place at university leading to thousands of pounds of debt, fighting for a job that bears no relevance to their degree and a place in the dole queue behind the class trouble maker?

So who’s fault is it? The children having children with no moral grounding? The lack of “preferred” employment opportunities (because who wants to do manual labour??!!) or those in charge that encourage the dumbing down of society, the greed and the get famous quick schemes?

All I know is that unless something changes quickly there will be a step back to the dark ages as there will be no one to push technological advancement, no one educated to govern mankind and a genuine apathy but Whatever…

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