What is Facebook Flex Targeting?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQ-AAAAJDQwNWRjNGI0LTIxYjEtNGU4Mi04Y2FlLTFiN2NmYWMzMTkyYwWhen it comes to paid advertising, Facebook was already in someways leading the pack with it’s targeting software, and now they have firmly upped their game.

Flex targeting has been running for a while on 3rd party software but is now available to all.

So “what does this mean?” I hear you say.. Well to put it simply you now have the and/or opportunity when targeting.

Previously Facebook would generate your audience based on criteria such as age, likes, location etc but now you can exclude users too.

With DetailedTargeting you can drill down so much deeper.

For instance as a financial adviser you could search for men in their 50’s, in your location, who play golf and exclude those who have already retired.

It’s similar in some ways to having negative keywords in Adwords.

So now when you come to plan your advertising campaign think of these points

  • What is your main target demographic?
  • What websites are they looking at?
  • What’s their location?
  • Does device make a difference to your search?
  • Whatis uniqueabout this campaign and those you are targeting?
  • What don’t you want them to do?

Facebook have made advertising more and more appealing, as a business you will have noticed that your posts generate little traffic without being boosted, however of course the aim is to drive people that want your service to your page or your website. Having “Likes” on your page is one thing but having interested, potential buyers on your site is far better.

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