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A major part of any branding project is the creation or revision of a website. I feel that putting the user at the centre of your website, avoiding flashy gimmicks which distracts from rather than enhancing the visit makes your e-business successful.

I design sites large and small working with a team of experienced coders in PHP, SQL, XML, Flash, Ajax etc, I can create a fully bespoke website to suit any needs. Whether you’re looking for a static site or a fully database driven e-commerce site let me design and create your online experience.

I offer 2 types of website depending on your budget and requirements.

I can create a template based site which will be state of the art, with great add ons and will reflect your design ideas or a fully bespoke site written and designed to your exact specification. Obvioulsy prices will vary on the type of site you require but they can start from as little as £450

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