Juggling For Christmas

So here it is Merry Xmas…

All sing along then… and yet again it’s caught us unaware!

For months we’ve been saying “it’s way too early to be thinking about xmas” or “what are the shops thinking of?” then low and behold it’s the middle of November with 6 weeks to go and the list of jobs is endless.

Now there will be many a smug look around the office with those who started planning in August, some who may have done their shopping in the sales last year (!!) and have not only got everything organised but wrapped up too. Well aren’t they the prepared ones!

For me that just isn’t Christmas!

To be shopping in August takes away the excitement and fun, wrapping on a stormy December Sunday with Christmas music and an open tin of chocolates is the way to go!

Of course business is different..

Those of you with online stores will have have done your xmas stock ordering months ago and hopefully judged it right, by now you should be seeing an increase in site traffic and sales should be on the up. But what if it isn’t?
Well it’s not too late and couple of tweets with some special xmas offers and maybe a short Adwords campaign could just do the trick. Right?

Unfortunately no.. It certainly isn’t too late but now you’re into heavy competition and so your campaign needs to be done right. Do you know your target audience, the right time to post and most important how to get your post top of the pile? If the answer to that is “no” then you need to be looking for help.

Once you’ve handled the pre-xmas rush then of course is the January sales and do you really want to be spending quality family time writing your posts and blogging? Again the answer to that is no.. But where do you find the time to fit it all in? You don’t! Quite simply it makes far more economical sense and is more efficient to outsource this work to ensure your company is best marketed whilst you have some much needed down time!

Christmas brings with it a whole raft of stresses, family, staff, presents not to mention the last minute turkey shop and the toy building xmas morning so why add to it all by setting yourself up to run your social media and marketing campaign when it can be done in a far better cost efficient and professional way?

If you need help or advice give me a call or drop me a line and I’ll give you that extra pair of hands to make your Christmas Juggling that bit easier!

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