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What is Facebook Flex Targeting?

When it comes to paid advertising, Facebook was already in someways leading the pack with it’s targeting software, and now they have firmly upped their game. Flex targeting has been running for a while on 3rd party software but is now available to all. So “what does this mean?” I hear you say.. Well to


You’re In The Wrong Place

So yesterday morning I happened upon Radio 2 and caught the end of Jeremy Vine disparaging LinkedIn. Firstly I was surprised that they were talking about social media and secondly that the overall opinion seemed to be that LinkedIn no longer had value.. Which then got me thinking about how often I’m seeing the daily


Weight of Fame

So following on from yesterday’s blog I decided to see what prime time TV had to offer and was given further proof that today’s society is indeed in decline! Channel 4’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies lined up those happy to show off the horror to which they have subjected their body all in the name of


What Happened to Great Britain?

What happened to Great Britain? I happened to catch a few minutes of a Jeremy Kyle episode and watched in stunned horror as an obese, foul mouthed monster ranted at the unfairness of being “humiliated” on national tv having had unprotected sex with several men and not knowing who the father of her children were.


Juggling For Christmas

So here it is Merry Xmas… All sing along then… and yet again it’s caught us unaware! For months we’ve been saying “it’s way too early to be thinking about xmas” or “what are the shops thinking of?” then low and behold it’s the middle of November with 6 weeks to go and the list


Old Blog

If you’d like to have a read of my old posts including “Twitter Do’s and Don’ts” then take a look at my Blog. I intend to start posting on here for now on but please don’t miss out on the archives!


New Website!

Having decided it was time for a change I hope you like my new site!!

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