What is Facebook Flex Targeting?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQ-AAAAJDQwNWRjNGI0LTIxYjEtNGU4Mi04Y2FlLTFiN2NmYWMzMTkyYwWhen it comes to paid advertising, Facebook was already in someways leading the pack with it’s targeting software, and now they have firmly upped their game.

Flex targeting has been running for a while on 3rd party software but is now available to all.

So “what does this mean?” I hear you say.. Well to put it simply you now have the and/or opportunity when targeting.

Previously Facebook would generate your audience based on criteria such as age, likes, location etc but now you can exclude users too.

With DetailedTargeting you can drill down so much deeper.

For instance as a financial adviser you could search for men in their 50’s, in your location, who play golf and exclude those who have already retired.

It’s similar in some ways to having negative keywords in Adwords.

So now when you come to plan your advertising campaign think of these points

  • What is your main target demographic?
  • What websites are they looking at?
  • What’s their location?
  • Does device make a difference to your search?
  • Whatis uniqueabout this campaign and those you are targeting?
  • What don’t you want them to do?

Facebook have made advertising more and more appealing, as a business you will have noticed that your posts generate little traffic without being boosted, however of course the aim is to drive people that want your service to your page or your website. Having “Likes” on your page is one thing but having interested, potential buyers on your site is far better.

For more information or help please have a chat with me…


You’re In The Wrong Place

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd5AAAAJDJiNjA4ZTczLTdmMzgtNDAxZS04NzJjLTI1ODJjZWFjMGE2MgSo yesterday morning I happened upon Radio 2 and caught the end of Jeremy Vine disparaging LinkedIn. Firstly I was surprised that they were talking about social media and secondly that the overall opinion seemed to be that LinkedIn no longer had value..

Which then got me thinking about how often I’m seeing the daily dross appear in my stream and how often I think to myself “oh for goodness sake you’re not on Facebook here, you’re posting this nonsense in the wrong place.”

How has this happened?

I have run many training courses on the use of social media in business and one of the statements I have stood by time and again is that LinkedIn is on the far end of the “social” scale. It’s not a place for family images, quizzes, or the “look at me giving my time/breakfast/lunch money to the homeless” selfie. It’s a place to talk about business. It’s your online professional networking event..

You wouldn’t show up to a breakfast network meeting and whip out your holiday snaps, nor would you make an inappropriate pass at someone you found attractive and you certainly wouldn’t spam everyone when you got home, including those in the same industry as you.. So why do it online?

Is it purely a lack of understanding as to what LinkedIn is for, or are more and more people blurring the lines between business and social? Of course it’s argued that Facebook is also a business tool, but again there is a separation in the form of accounts and business pages (don’t get me started on the horror of being “friends” with your business connections) and maybe this is where the misunderstanding stems from.. if it’s ok to post your political views on your Facebook company page then why not on LinkedIn?

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in sharing a success story – providing it’s yours and is actually real not some made up nonsense you’ve regurgitated, and there is nothing wrong in asking for help orin telling people what you do. That’s how you make business connections and how you generate business for your company.

So the next time you come to post something or sendan in-mail ask yourself:-

  • Is this business related?
  • Does this belong on Facebook?
  • Will this enhance my business profile?
  • Did I bother to read the profile of the person I’m sending to so that I’m not wasting both our time?

Come on folks it’s not difficult – in a nutshell

Facebook = Cats & ill conceived ramblings

LinkedIn =Business

If you need any further clarification don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


Weight of Fame

So following on from yesterday’s blog I decided to see what prime time TV had to offer and was given further proof that today’s society is indeed in decline!


Over Eating Costs!

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies lined up those happy to show off the horror to which they have subjected their body all in the name of greed and excess. Stories of older women being given “lock down” a form of prison for those unable to control their own eating to enable them to get into a position whereby they can be given a gastric band to help them diet. The cost of this runs into tens of thousands, the band itself costing the NHS between 8 – 14 thousand pounds alone. Last year gastric bands cost the NHS 85 million pounds but if you ask we’re cheerfully informed that this actually benefits the NHS as the cost is higher to medicate and treat those who over eat and have obesity related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease & joint problems etc.

As I sat and watched I couldn’t help but wonder at what point do people stop caring? I gain a few pounds and my clothes feel tight, I don’t then just go out buy some leggings and think “what the heck” I cut down what I eat and up my activity level, it’s not rocket science! But to some it seems that this form of self discipline is missing.

When do these people think that 20+ stone is ok? The list of medical ailments seemed unending as did the number of people wiling to put themselves on public display leaving the viewer feeling decidedly queasy and horrified (or at lest I was!).

Following that I was treated to Botched Up Bodies on Channel 5 – here we have some naturally attractive women putting what can only be described as chemical cement into their faces (who knows why!) and wondering why the body has reacted to it leaving them disfigured and in pain! But it can be fixed (not always).. At a cost of course.. reported here that the removal of a dermal filler costs the NHS 4500 pounds which is cheaper than what it costs to repair their face if they don’t remove it!!!
Or the women who feel that nature hasn’t dealt them a fair hand when it comes to their breasts or shockingly their vaginal area and that they need to have this cosmetically altered!


Cosmetic Surgery Necessary?

At what point did society create such a massive imbalance between what is naturally beautiful and healthy and what is so totally wrong? How can you have on one had people eating themselves to death with no apparent care for how they look and on the other a woman so body conscious that she feels she can only feel beautiful if her labia is reconstructed????

I’m not vilifying cosmetic surgery and I understand that there are situations where body imperfections such as terribly mis-shaped or overly large breasts can have a massive impact on a persons life BUT and here’s my problem at what point do we say enough? When do we stop being seduced by the media and the fashion houses and accept who we are and how we look?

What is perfect? To some a skeletal size 0 with Barbie features is a man’s ideal women yet to others a naturally curvy size 12 fits the bill, no one is born the same, we are individuals and this is how we are supposed to be. Our bodies though are designed a certain way, our joints and bones can only carry a certain percentage of our weight, our internal organs only function properly when not subjected to excess and this is what people are failing to see. There is no thought to the consequence when over eating, binge drinking or sticking toxins into our bodies because lets face it at the end of the day the NHS will bail you out and if not there’s always a TV show to pay for your treatment AND give you your 15 minutes of fame!


What Happened to Great Britain?

What happened to Great Britain?

I happened to catch a few minutes of a Jeremy Kyle episode and watched in stunned horror as an obese, foul mouthed monster ranted at the unfairness of being “humiliated” on national tv having had unprotected sex with several men and not knowing who the father of her children were.

I realised that this was the next generation of “Great Britains”!! The constant stream of unemployed, drug taking, liars, thieves, promiscuous slobs that sit around bemoaning the state of their lives and the unreasonable expectation that they should stop blaming society and make an effort to take control of their lives.

But is society at fault?

I think yes it must be, we now live in a world full of blame, you only have to watch the tv for a short period of time to see a whole raft of “100% compensation” injury solicitors. We are encouraged to sue our employers, local council, the man next door just to get a few extra quid regardless of the expense to our neighbours, those who are trying to build up a business or indeed our own common sense and decency.

We have taken away parent’s rights to punish their children (no I don’t advocate violence but a slap on the leg does not scream child abuse), we have created a world in which children are not taught right from wrong, have no expectations to do well at school, have removed the teacher’s ability to have a disciplined classroom and wonder why so many children are uneducated and do not understand nor care about the fundamental values of humanity!

Thou Shalt Not..

I’m not coming over all religious here and my own views on Christianity are not for this blog, but the commandments are a pretty good set of rules for any society including todays!
Again because of our fear of offending we no longer teach these rules and as a result our children have less and less boundaries to push and less of an understanding of how to be a decent human being.

Ok so 4 of the commandments might not be all that applicable but the mains ones stand out:-

Honour your father and mother.
Do not murder.
Keep your marriage promises.
Do not steal.
Do not lie.
Do not covet.

Why aren’t these as important today as they were 30, 50, 75, 100.. years ago?

Whilst I agree that school should be for every level of ability the focus is on those who can’t, vocational courses seem to have taken preference over standard qualifications and exams, “lets make it easier” appears to be the motto and of course lets not forget that should your child struggle or simply have no understanding of right and wrong you can always stick a label on him/her ADHD being the favourite and demand even more help!

Our children live in a drug culture but is it really any surprise when instead of being disciplined for bad behaviour they’re given mind controlling drugs?

What incentive is there for a child to do well? A place at university leading to thousands of pounds of debt, fighting for a job that bears no relevance to their degree and a place in the dole queue behind the class trouble maker?

So who’s fault is it? The children having children with no moral grounding? The lack of “preferred” employment opportunities (because who wants to do manual labour??!!) or those in charge that encourage the dumbing down of society, the greed and the get famous quick schemes?

All I know is that unless something changes quickly there will be a step back to the dark ages as there will be no one to push technological advancement, no one educated to govern mankind and a genuine apathy but Whatever…


Juggling For Christmas

So here it is Merry Xmas…

All sing along then… and yet again it’s caught us unaware!

For months we’ve been saying “it’s way too early to be thinking about xmas” or “what are the shops thinking of?” then low and behold it’s the middle of November with 6 weeks to go and the list of jobs is endless.

Now there will be many a smug look around the office with those who started planning in August, some who may have done their shopping in the sales last year (!!) and have not only got everything organised but wrapped up too. Well aren’t they the prepared ones!

For me that just isn’t Christmas!

To be shopping in August takes away the excitement and fun, wrapping on a stormy December Sunday with Christmas music and an open tin of chocolates is the way to go!

Of course business is different..

Those of you with online stores will have have done your xmas stock ordering months ago and hopefully judged it right, by now you should be seeing an increase in site traffic and sales should be on the up. But what if it isn’t?
Well it’s not too late and couple of tweets with some special xmas offers and maybe a short Adwords campaign could just do the trick. Right?

Unfortunately no.. It certainly isn’t too late but now you’re into heavy competition and so your campaign needs to be done right. Do you know your target audience, the right time to post and most important how to get your post top of the pile? If the answer to that is “no” then you need to be looking for help.

Once you’ve handled the pre-xmas rush then of course is the January sales and do you really want to be spending quality family time writing your posts and blogging? Again the answer to that is no.. But where do you find the time to fit it all in? You don’t! Quite simply it makes far more economical sense and is more efficient to outsource this work to ensure your company is best marketed whilst you have some much needed down time!

Christmas brings with it a whole raft of stresses, family, staff, presents not to mention the last minute turkey shop and the toy building xmas morning so why add to it all by setting yourself up to run your social media and marketing campaign when it can be done in a far better cost efficient and professional way?

If you need help or advice give me a call or drop me a line and I’ll give you that extra pair of hands to make your Christmas Juggling that bit easier!


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