Weight of Fame

So following on from yesterday’s blog I decided to see what prime time TV had to offer and was given further proof that today’s society is indeed in decline!


Over Eating Costs!

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies lined up those happy to show off the horror to which they have subjected their body all in the name of greed and excess. Stories of older women being given “lock down” a form of prison for those unable to control their own eating to enable them to get into a position whereby they can be given a gastric band to help them diet. The cost of this runs into tens of thousands, the band itself costing the NHS between 8 – 14 thousand pounds alone. Last year gastric bands cost the NHS 85 million pounds but if you ask we’re cheerfully informed that this actually benefits the NHS as the cost is higher to medicate and treat those who over eat and have obesity related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease & joint problems etc.

As I sat and watched I couldn’t help but wonder at what point do people stop caring? I gain a few pounds and my clothes feel tight, I don’t then just go out buy some leggings and think “what the heck” I cut down what I eat and up my activity level, it’s not rocket science! But to some it seems that this form of self discipline is missing.

When do these people think that 20+ stone is ok? The list of medical ailments seemed unending as did the number of people wiling to put themselves on public display leaving the viewer feeling decidedly queasy and horrified (or at lest I was!).

Following that I was treated to Botched Up Bodies on Channel 5 – here we have some naturally attractive women putting what can only be described as chemical cement into their faces (who knows why!) and wondering why the body has reacted to it leaving them disfigured and in pain! But it can be fixed (not always).. At a cost of course.. reported here that the removal of a dermal filler costs the NHS 4500 pounds which is cheaper than what it costs to repair their face if they don’t remove it!!!
Or the women who feel that nature hasn’t dealt them a fair hand when it comes to their breasts or shockingly their vaginal area and that they need to have this cosmetically altered!


Cosmetic Surgery Necessary?

At what point did society create such a massive imbalance between what is naturally beautiful and healthy and what is so totally wrong? How can you have on one had people eating themselves to death with no apparent care for how they look and on the other a woman so body conscious that she feels she can only feel beautiful if her labia is reconstructed????

I’m not vilifying cosmetic surgery and I understand that there are situations where body imperfections such as terribly mis-shaped or overly large breasts can have a massive impact on a persons life BUT and here’s my problem at what point do we say enough? When do we stop being seduced by the media and the fashion houses and accept who we are and how we look?

What is perfect? To some a skeletal size 0 with Barbie features is a man’s ideal women yet to others a naturally curvy size 12 fits the bill, no one is born the same, we are individuals and this is how we are supposed to be. Our bodies though are designed a certain way, our joints and bones can only carry a certain percentage of our weight, our internal organs only function properly when not subjected to excess and this is what people are failing to see. There is no thought to the consequence when over eating, binge drinking or sticking toxins into our bodies because lets face it at the end of the day the NHS will bail you out and if not there’s always a TV show to pay for your treatment AND give you your 15 minutes of fame!

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